NASO is a uniquely diversified company with a good range of disciplines under one roof for Rapid Product Development. In fact, no other company our size is known to have the range of talent mandatory for Rapid Product Development. Typical products include circuit board assemblies, cables, harnesses, machined enclosures, and fabrication of precision parts. Typical services include circuit board layout, thermal and dynamic analysis, CAD design and documentation, and rapid prototyping. In essence, engineering and fabrication of any electro-mechanical hardware for the electronics industry.

NASO has the necessary tools and the CAE-CAD-CAM-CNC-CMM infrastructure to quickly develop products in a "paperless" environment. This may be accomplished with customer supplied CAD files or NASO designs. Our machine shop is capable of generating CNC code directly from a CAD data base and generating the inspection files for the CMM machine from the same data base. This provides a powerful "tool" to fabricate hardware without dimensioned drawings. The cost and schedule advantages are obvious.


In summary, we offer:


  • Mechanical design and documentation (CAD)
  • Thermal and Dynamic analysis; environmental qualification testing
  • Circuit board layout
  • Computer graphics and full motion Video presentations
  • Electronics packaging
  • Electronics assembly
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Machine Shop with CNC mills and lathes
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) inspection
  • Silkscreen printing