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Naso High Power Laser Diode Modular Test Station is designed to test 48 laser diodes. The laser diodes are placed on a cooling manifold then pneumatically clamped. The cooling manifold can accommodate six laser diodes. There are a total of 8 manifolds in the test station. The LD current driver is capable of controlling and sourcing four channels for a total of 24 diodes (2 current drivers per station).




  • NASO Corporation 30 years in the electronics and mechanical contract manufacturing industry.
  • NASO has been the primary manufacturer of NEWPORT laser diode burn in systems for six years.
  • NASO has acquired the NEWPORT burn in systems division. NASO is servicing, repairing, and supporting all existing systems (more than 1000 systems operating world wide).
  • NASO is providing hardware and software upgrades for legacy systems.
  • NASO is providing upgraded versions of the NEWPORT high power systems.
  • NASO has developed a high power burn in systems providing in excess of 100 amps.

High Power Laser Burn In System

  • Supports up to 8 CCP or FAP manifolds for 48 channels total
  • Supports up to 4 WCP manifolds with chillers mounted in base
  • Modular design can be set up for a single manifold or a full set of eight
  • Data acquisition capable of full instrumentation or simple burn

48 Channel Laser Burn In System Universal High Power Test Rack

  • Eight drawer manifold capacity
  • Dual laser drivers up to 160 amp, 60 volt compliance
  • Control computer
  • Safety Interlock System
  • Data acquisition system
  • Pnumatic System
  • Cooling and flow control circuit
  • CCP and FAP manifolds are available
  • WCP manifolds are supported with optional chiller

Laser Driver Shut Down with Fault Detected

  • Emergency manual shut down switch
  • Water leak monitor in each manifold
  • Laser clamp open fault
  • Air pressure monitor
  • Flow rate monitor
  • Laser tempurature monitor
  • Software over ride