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NASO has a complete ESD controlled circuit board assembly facility equipped with automated pick-and-place machines, vision enhanced screen printers, IR and flow soldering equipment, as well as X-ray inspection for BGA’s (high density solder joints). Soldering operators are certified to ANSI-J-001B and IPC-610. Many years of experience has fine-tuned the company’s expertise with SMT and through-hole component technology assembly.

A flexible work cell approach allows adjustments to meet dynamic work loads for fast response times. In the past, jobs have been completed in less than 24 hours with customer furnished components. The company welcomes both "turn-key" and consignment work. An aggressive supply chain management system has been able to save customers thousands of dollars through its extensive e-commerce data base. Circuit boards with SMT and through-hole components and BGA’s. X-ray solder joint inspection. Prototypes and production quantities.

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